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Samantha teal


I may have sold my car to the maintenance man here in the complex he came by and started it up today and told me he would bring me the money by friday YEAH!! and maybe even sooner O I hope so I want to buy more of a family type car the one I have no is a 95 Monte Carlo so Im happy to see it go! not to metion it doesnt work right now and I JUST PAID 1700 dollars for it so IM GLAD TO GET MOST my money back IM TAKING some what of a loss but hey at least that headache will be gone! :~)


I felt the same way when I got rid of my old car a couple years ago. The guy didn't really give me a good price, but I was glad to be rid of it.


I know I just want it gone my hubby wanted the car NOT ME because its fast well its also broken is what I sayed to him hahah and he doesnt want me to sell it but tough I want a FAMILY CAR I LITERALLY was going to philly to visit my sister and guys I mean multiple cars tried running me off the road to WAVE AT ME I of course ignore them haaha which caused them to slow down in front of me and blah blah so I went out and bought BABY IN CAR and CHILD IN CAR signs HAHA but that still didnt work so its gone LOL I need a kid mobile not an attraction ya know LOL